ISOLOX provides the perfect solution for protecting and isolating your precision parts and tools. Our high-quality insulation material keeps your parts in optimal condition.

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Together, we work with you to determine the ideal product selection and optimize the procurement and delivery process to provide you with maximum benefits.


For storage or shipping, high-quality tools and delicate precision parts must be protected against mechanical damage and corrosion.

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What do our Customers say?

ALU-PUR has proven to be extremely versatile. Its ability to clean various materials makes it an essential product in my workshop. Biodegradability is another plus.
ISOLOX exceeded my expectations! Its easy application and the fact that it's odorless and safe for the skin make it the perfect choice for my workshop.
ALU-PUR is a true miracle worker when it comes to removing aluminum residues. It is highly effective and environmentally friendly. I am extremely satisfied!
ISOLAT is solidly built and reliable. It maintains a constant temperature and prevents unpleasant odors. I often use it for my shaft tools, and it has proven itself in both industry and craftsmanship.
HARZ-weg is a lifesaver for my saw blades. It effortlessly removes resin residues and has no impact on cutting sharpness. A must-have for anyone working with steel surfaces.
The ISOLAT insulated immersion bath is a real time-saver in my workshop. The automatic temperature control and even temperature distribution make the work enjoyable. It's worth every penny!
With ISOLOX, I can easily insulate and remove my parts. Its versatility and the option to adjust the layer thickness are unbeatable advantages.
CO-CONTRAN exceeded my expectations when it comes to grinding carbide tools. It prevents cobalt dissolution and ensures long lubricant life. Highly recommended!
A must-have for anyone looking to protect high-quality tools. The practical design and the option to adjust the temperature continuously make ISOLAT a reliable companion in my workshop.
CO-CONTRAN has also proven itself in grinding tool steels. The mineral oil-free formula is an environmental plus, and the foreign oil repellency is impressive.
ISOLOX is my go-to product for protective coatings. The color selection is convenient, and its reusability saves me time and money. Highly recommended!
HARZ-weg has proven to be extremely reliable. It cleans thoroughly and leaves no residues. The fact that it is non-flammable gives me additional confidence in its use.