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Water-soluble coolant lubricant for machining steel and cast iron in grinding processes

As a water-soluble coolant lubricant specifically developed for machining steel and cast iron as well as for grinding processes, this product stands out with its environmentally friendly formula. Free from mineral oils, esters, boron, formaldehyde, and silicon compounds, it offers a safe and efficient solution for modern manufacturing processes.


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The ISOCOOL 1000 BF formulation utilizes advanced corrosion protection components that not only ensure a long-term stable pH level but also significantly increase the solution's lifespan. This results in lower technical maintenance, thereby saving costs and time. The correct application of the product begins with preparing the solution: water should first be provided at room temperature, and then the concentrate gently added. This guarantees optimal performance of the coolant lubricant. It is recommended to test materials that might be prone to discoloration in advance for compatibility, to ensure the highest quality of the machining process.


  • Environmental friendliness: Due to the absence of mineral oils, esters, boron, and formaldehyde, as well as silicon compounds.
  • Long-term stability: The pH level remains stable over a long period.
  • High lifespan: A longer service life reduces the need for frequent replacements.
  • Corrosion protection: Effectively protects machined workpieces and machine parts from corrosion.
  • Foreign oil separation capability: Efficient separation of foreign oils, maintaining the purity of the solution.
  • Easy application: The solution is easy to prepare with a suitable mixing tool.
  • Application concentration: Optimal performance at a concentration of 4%.

In summary, ISOCOOL 1000 BF offers a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical solution for metalworking and grinding processes. With its advanced formula and easy application, it sets new standards in the industry.

Technical Data

Foreign oil absorption demulsifying
Dispersity Solution
Corrosion protection, 3% DIN water (DIN 51360/2) Grade 0
Mixing water quality 3 - 20 °dH
Foaming tendency very low
Operating temperature < 40 °C
Storage temperature 5 - 40 °C
Consumption period Refer to the consumption date on the container
Appearance slightly yellowish to reddish*)
Density/20 °C (ASTM D 7042) approx. 1,065 g/cm³
Viscosity/20 °C (ASTM D 7042) approx. 11 mm²/s
pH value, 3% in DI water (DIN 51369) approx. 9.9

* Variations in color due to different storage conditions do not affect product quality.

Factors for Concentration Determination

  • Refractometer: 2.0
  • acidimetric titration to pH 4: 0.31
  • acidimetric titration to pH 7: 0.43
  • Typical application concentration: Grinding: 4%
ISOCOOL 1000 BF-10