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Coolant Concentrate for Tool Steels

  • Free of mineral oil and nitrite
  • High bacterial resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Application concentration 2.5%

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ISOGRIND 150 is a boron- and amine-containing, water-soluble grinding concentrate developed for use with medium to high water hardness.

The coolant is suitable for machining steel and cast iron as well as for non-ferrous metals and many non-ferrous metals, but not for hard metal and magnesium. ISOGRIND 150 is ideally suited for grinding processes.

As a fully synthetic product, ISOGRIND 150 is free of mineral oil. It offers very good flushing action, resulting in efficient heat removal from the grinding zone. The result is a workpiece free of grinding burns with excellent surface quality. ISOGRIND 150 solutions achieve good pH stability over a long period of time through the corrosion protection components they contain, i.e., the corrosion protection behavior remains consistently good. ISOGRIND 150 is nitrite- and secondary amine-free and meets TRGS 611. Furthermore, ISOGRIND 150 contains primary amines that can inhibit the formation of nitrosamines.

The water hardness of the water used to prepare the solution should not exceed 25 °dH.

Advantages at a glance

  • High grinding performance
  • Excellent flushing action
  • Pronounced wetting properties
  • Excellent surface quality of the workpieces
  • Very good pH stability

Technical Data

Foaming tendency low
Storage temperature 5 - 35 °C
Consumption period please refer to the consumption date on the container
Residue Non-sticky
Physical Data
Appearance slightly yellowish to reddish*)
Density/20 °C (ASTM D 7042) approx. 1.145 g/cm³
Viscosity/20 °C (ASTM D 7042) approx. 31 mm²/s
pH value, 3% in DI water (DIN 51369) approx. 9.3

*) Variations in color due to different storage conditions do not affect product quality.

Factors for Concentration Determination

  • Refractometer: 1.4
  • Acidimetric titration to pH 4: 0.36
  • Acidimetric titration to pH 7: 0.55

Typical Application Concentration

  • Grinding: 3 – 4 %
  • Press water addition: