ISOLAT - Melting Pot for Industrial Melting Applications

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ISOLAT, the high-quality, energy-efficient insulating dip tank 'Made in Germany', effectively protects against damage and corrosion. With precise temperature control, uniform heat distribution, and a sturdy design, it's ideal for industry and craftsmanship. Suitable for shaft tools up to 300 mm and circular saws up to 1300 mm.

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ISOLAT - Melting Pot for Industrial Melting Applications

ISOLAT - Melting Pot for Industrial Melting Applications


Additionally: Our popular ISOLOX Hot Dip Wax as block material. Transparent or colored, odorless, and completely enclosing.
Tip: The suitable professional compact extraction system ISOCLEAN is the ideal solution to ensure healthy air in the workplace.
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Discover ISOLAT, our premium insulating dip bath, made in Germany, ideal for protecting tools and precision parts. ISOLAT guarantees the highest quality and reliability for storage and shipping.

With its automatic temperature control and a thermostat, a constant temperature of the insulating compound ISOLOX is ensured. The robust metal construction with an aluminum crucible, thermostat, control light, lid, and protective cable ensures durability and efficiency.

ISOLAT prevents overheating and unpleasant odor formation thanks to heating at the bottom of the cast crucible. It is excellent for insulating shank tools and circular saws and offers an energy-efficient, practical design for universal use.


Data sheet

External Dimensions
450 x 190 x 130 mm
Internal Dimensions
375 x 145 x 85 mm
Net Weight
8.44 Kg
Gross Weight
9.80 Kg
approx. 2.5 kg
Temperature Range
50 – 200 °C
230 Volts
800 Watts
Blue, hammer-tone effect
Country Of Origin


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