ISOLOX thermoplastic hot dip wax

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  • Airtight and seamlessly enclosing isolating plastic coating
  • Adjustable coat thickness at constant temperatur (150-165°C)
  • Odorless and non-hazardous
  • fully transparent (different colors also available), markings remain visible
  • impact resistant and tough-elastic
  • Easy removal by peeling off
  • Protective oil film remains after removal
  • Reusable
  • Solid blocks for easy handling, perfectly fitting ISOLAT dip pots

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This insulating compound encloses immersed parts in an airtight manner and without gaps. The layer thickness can be determined at a constant temperature, optionally between 150 - 165°C. The parts are isolated in seconds. ISOLOX can be removed just as quickly.

  • Determination of the layer thickness at constant temperature (150°C to 165°C)
  • Odor-free and harmless to the skin
  • Fully transparent
  • Metal markings remain visible
  • Impact-resistant and tough-elastic
  • Quick and easy to remove
  • Protection by thin oil film after removal
  • Reusable