ISOLOX thermoplastic hot dip wax

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ISOLOX is the answer to the most demanding requirements for the protection and insulation of high-quality precision parts and tools. This outstanding insulating compound provides an airtight and gapless enclosure for submerged parts, allowing you to adjust the layer thickness at a constant temperature between 150°C and 165°C according to your needs. Your parts can be insulated in a matter of seconds, and ISOLOX can be just as swiftly removed, leaving no residue behind.


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ISOLOX thermoplastic hot dip wax

ISOLOX thermoplastic hot dip wax


Additionally: Our cost-effective melting pot ISOLAT for industrial melting applications, Made in Germany!
For special pricing (eg. on larger order quantities), please don't hesitate to reach out to our sales team through our contact form or by email!
Tip: Our alternative ISOLOX PLUS leaves no oil film after peeling, allowing for the immediate use of the parts.

ISOLOX - The Ultimate Insulating Compound for Precision Parts and Tools

ISOLOX provides you with the ultimate solution for protecting and insulating your precision parts and tools. Our high-quality insulating compound meets your requirements, ensuring your parts remain in top condition. Contact us today to learn more about ISOLOX and obtain the suitable dipping equipment for your applications. Rely on ISOLOX - the first choice for safeguarding your valuable parts.

Compelling Features:

  • Block Material: ISOLOX is a solid block material that is easy to handle, ensuring uniform application.
  • No Bubble Formation: Thanks to its unique formulation, no unwanted bubbles form during the heating process.
  • No Splattering During Heating: ISOLOX remains stable during the application process and does not splatter, enhancing safety and efficiency.
  • Odorless and Skin-Friendly: Our insulating compound is completely odorless and safe for the skin, allowing you to work without concerns.
  • Airtight and Gapless Enclosure: ISOLOX forms an airtight and gapless protective layer around your parts, shielding them from corrosion and mechanical damage.
  • Available in Blue, Red & Green: ISOLOX is not only functional but also available in vibrant colors such as blue, red, and green to meet your requirements for storage and transportation protection.

The Benefits of ISOLOX at a Glance:

  • Layer Thickness Determination at a Constant Temperature: Temperature control between 150°C and 165°C enables you to adjust the protective layer according to your requirements.
  • Fully Transparent: ISOLOX creates a transparent protective coating that keeps metal markings visible.
  • Impact-Resistant and Tough-Elastic: Your parts remain protected even under adverse conditions, as ISOLOX is impact-resistant and tough-elastic.
  • Quick and Easy Removal: ISOLOX can be effortlessly removed without leaving any residue, making your parts ready for immediate use.
  • Reusable: You can use ISOLOX multiple times, ensuring sustainable protection for your parts.
  • Tropical, Polar, and Seawater Resistant: With ISOLOX, your parts are protected indefinitely against extreme environments.
  • Protection in Complex Undercuts and Drill Holes: ISOLOX can be used in hard-to-reach areas with ease.
  • Extra Odorless and Skin-Friendly: ISOLOX is safe to use and does not compromise your health or working comfort.


What is ISOLOX?

ISOLOX is a thermoplastic hot-dip compound used for robust and durable coatings on various materials such as metals and plastics.

For what applications is ISOLOX used?

ISOLOX is used in industries such as the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, where permanent and resistant coatings are required.

How is ISOLOX applied?

The application of ISOLOX is carried out by a hot-dip process, where objects are dipped into the molten mass to achieve an even coating.

What benefits does ISOLOX offer?

ISOLOX offers benefits such as high chemical and abrasion resistance, flexibility, and environmental friendliness, making it an ideal solution for permanent coatings.

In what colors is ISOLOX available?

ISOLOX is available in various colors, including blue, red, and green, offering additional design options for the coated parts.

Is ISOLOX environmentally friendly?

ISOLOX represents an environmentally friendly coating alternative, free from harmful solvents, contributing to a safer working environment. Additionally, this material is meltable and thus reusable.

How long does an ISOLOX coating last?

The durability of an ISOLOX coating depends on the conditions of use, but it is generally known for its longevity and reliability.

Can ISOLOX be customized for specific customer needs?

ISOLOX offers customizable solutions in terms of viscosity, hardness, and color to meet specific customer requirements.

How does ISOLOX contribute to occupational safety?

ISOLOX is odorless and non-irritating to the skin, making it a safe option for employees in production and application.

How is ISOLOX dipping compound disposed of?

The disposal of ISOLOX should be in accordance with local environmental regulations. It is important to adhere to environmentally friendly disposal methods to minimize environmental impact.




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