SKIN-PUR Machine Cold Cleaner Concentrate

€9.79 / kg
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Machine Cleaner

  • Thorough and paint-friendly machine cleaning
  • Removes heavy grinding residue encrustations


  1. Spray on
  2. Let it act
  3. Rinse off or wipe away

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SKIN-PUR Machine Cold Cleaner Concentrate

SKIN-PUR Machine Cold Cleaner Concentrate


This information is based on the latest technical knowledge and serves as general guidance without specific warranties. Refer to our safety data sheets for precautions and storage instructions. Users are responsible for conducting required tests. Consider any applicable industrial property rights.
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SKIN-PUR is a mildly alkaline cleaning concentrate that is universally applicable for thoroughly cleaning heavily greasy surfaces, machines, tools, automatic lathes, and equipment, as found in foundries and milling operations. Thanks to its special active ingredients, it effortlessly dissolves stubborn contaminations such as mixtures of grease dust, oils, and resin deposits. The included fat-dissolving components penetrate layers of fat and oil, allowing for quick and effective cleaning.

Method of Application

Apply manually using a cloth or brush, or by spraying:

  • Concentration: 1.0 – 3.0% (for extreme contaminations up to 20.0%)
  • Temperature: Cold – 80 °C
  • Exposure time: 10 – 15 minutes
  • After application, it is important to thoroughly rinse with drinking water to remove residues!

Material Compatibility

PVDF, PP, PE, PVC, stainless steel, steel, cast iron, glass

A compatibility test must be conducted on painted surfaces before use!

Caution: SKIN-PUR should not be used on materials like aluminum and its alloys, as well as tinned materials. Furthermore, additional material incompatibilities cannot be completely excluded. Therefore, a trial application should be performed at a harmless location before use.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance/Color Colorless
Form Liquid
Odor Characteristic
Foaming Behavior Weakly foaming
Phosphates Contained
Density (20 °C) g/cm3 1.000 – 1.020
pH-Value (1 %, 20 °C) 8.5 – 9.5
Storage Stability + 5 °C to + 40 °C
Hazardous Substances 2-(2-Butoxyethoxy)ethanol

Special Notes

Always close the container with the original closure and store the containers cool and without exposure to sunlight. Never pour already taken product back into the container.

It is essential to observe the instructions in our safety data sheet before use!


Dispose according to governmental regulations, if necessary, contact the manufacturer.