TH90 Detergent Concentrate

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Liquid, highly alkaline cleaning and degreasing concentrate for use in spray, ultrasonic, flood, and immersion cleaning systems

  • Specially formulated for use in demanding industrial environments
  • Effectively removes resins, fats, and oils
  • Non-foaming and long-lasting for efficient use
  • Mixing ratio of 1:20, economical and effective

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TH90 Detergent Concentrate

TH90 Detergent Concentrate


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TH90 is a highly effective, non-foaming cleaning solution specifically designed for demanding cleaning processes in industrial environments. With its ability to efficiently remove resins, fats, and oils, it offers an optimal solution for preparing surfaces for further processing steps such as hardening, inert gas welding, soldering, plating, or painting.

Application Areas

TH90 is excellently suited for removing drawing oils, drawing soaps, release agents, as well as lapping and polishing pastes, even with complex part geometries. It supports the effectiveness of bath maintenance measures by promoting demulsification capability, ensuring high surface cleanliness.

Method of Application

TH90 is applied by injection into the cleaning baths using suitable dosing systems. The optimal concentration, temperature, spray pressure, and exposure time vary depending on the requirements for cleaning quality.

Concentration 0.5 – 3.0 %
Temperature 50 – 85 °C
Spray Pressure 2 – 6 bar
Exposure Time 1 – 3 Minutes

Material Compatibility

TH90 is compatible with a variety of materials such as stainless steel, steel, glass, cast iron, and many plastics, but not suitable for use with aluminum and its alloys, as well as tinned materials.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance/Color Clear to slightly cloudy, light brown to brownish
Form Liquid
Odor Faintly characteristic
Foaming Behavior Non-foaming
Density (20°C) 1.380 – 1.400 g/cm³
pH Value (1%, 20°C) 12.5 – 13.1
Conductivity (1%, 20°C) 15.5 – 18.5 mS

Data sheet

UN Number
Hazard Class
Hazard Group
Corrosive Alkaline Liquid Substance