ISOCONTRAN Carbide Coolant Lubricants Concentrate

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ISOCONTRAN is a fully synthetic special fluid for surface grinding of materials made from sintered tungsten carbide.

The mineral oil-free, transparent solution allows for a long lubricant life and excellent foreign oil repellency.


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ISOCONTRAN Carbide Coolant Lubricants Concentrate

ISOCONTRAN Carbide Coolant Lubricants Concentrate


As the successor to CO-CONTRAN, ISOCONTRAN is distinguished by its boron-free composition, meeting REACh regulation requirements without any SVHC classification.
This information is based on the latest technical knowledge and serves as general guidance without specific warranties. Refer to our safety data sheets for precautions and storage instructions. Users are responsible for conducting required tests. Consider any applicable industrial property rights.
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ISOCONTRAN is recommended for grinding tools made of sintered tungsten carbide, where cobalt is used as a binder. Its synthetic formula includes a special additive package to prevent the leaching of cobalt by the coolant. It also contains polymer lubricant additives to extend the life of grinding wheels and to prevent dry residues on machines.

A minimum concentration of 5% is recommended.

Usage Recommendation

Grinding of sintered tungsten carbide: 5-10%


  • Completely repels foreign oil: excellent workpiece visibility without coolant loss
  • Inhibits cobalt leaching: reduces risk for workers and the environment
  • Exceptionally low foaming: no need for foam inhibitors
  • Excellent cleaning power: cleaner workpieces, machine tools, and work environment
  • Contains polymeric lubricity additives: longer wheel life and prevention of residue accumulation on machines
  • Rapid fine material separation: excellent filterability with extended filter life
  • Free of Boron: no SVHC classification under REACH
  • Excellent EHS profile (Environment, Health, Safety): Free from mineral oil, boron, chlorine, secondary amines (TRGS 611), formaldehyde, and phenol

Health, Safety and Handling

For information on storage, safe handling, and disposal, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The conditions or methods of handling, storage, use, and disposal of the product are beyond our reasonable control - we assume no liability for any inefficiency of the product or any injury or damage arising from these conditions or in connection with them.

Typical Physical Properties

  • Appearance of Concentrate | Transparent yellow liquid
  • Specific Density at 20°C | 1.10 | DIN 51757
  • Refractometer Factor | 1.4 | HIM 53
  • Appearance of Emulsion | Transparent colorless
  • pH @6% | 9.1 | DIN 51369