ISOLOX PLUS thermoplastic hot dip wax

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ISOLOX PLUS leaves no oil film after removal, allowing for immediate use of the parts.

ISOLOX PLUS is the answer to the most demanding requirements for protection and insulation of high-quality precision parts and tools. Your parts can be insulated in seconds, and just as quickly, ISOLOX PLUS can be removed without leaving a thin oil film. This exceptional insulating compound provides an airtight and seamless encasement of immersed parts, allowing you to adjust the layer thickness at a constant temperature between 150 °C and 165 °C according to your needs.


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ISOLOX PLUS thermoplastic hot dip wax

ISOLOX PLUS thermoplastic hot dip wax


Additionally: Our cost-effective melting pot ISOLAT for industrial melting applications, Made in Germany!
For special pricing (eg. on larger order quantities), please don't hesitate to reach out to our sales team through our contact form or by email!
Tip: Our alternative ISOLOX leaves behind a thin oil film after peeling, which serves as additional protection until the parts are finally used.

ISOLOX PLUS - The Perfect Insulating Compound for Precision Parts and Tools

ISOLOX PLUS offers you the ultimate solution for protecting and insulating your precision parts and tools. Our high-quality insulating compound meets your requirements and ensures that your parts remain in top condition. Contact us today to learn more about ISOLOX PLUS and to obtain the suitable dipping devices for your applications. Rely on ISOLOX PLUS - the first choice for protecting your valuable parts.

Features that Convince:

  • No Oil Film after Stripping: Unlike our standard ISOLOX, ISOLOX PLUS leaves no thin oil protective layer, allowing your parts to be immediately operational.
  • Block Material: ISOLOX PLUS is a solid block material, which is easy to handle and allows for uniform application.
  • No Bubble Formation: Thanks to its unique formulation, no unwanted bubbles occur during the heating process.
  • No Splashing When Heating: ISOLOX PLUS remains stable during the application process and does not splash, making the application safer and more efficient.
  • Odorless and Safe for Skin: Our insulating compound is completely odorless and safe for the skin, allowing you to work without concerns.
  • Airtight and Seamless Encapsulation: ISOLOX PLUS forms an airtight and seamless protective layer around your parts, protecting them from corrosion and mechanical damage.

The Advantages of ISOLOX PLUS at a Glance:

  • Determining Layer Thickness at Constant Temperature: Temperature control between 150 °C and 165 °C allows you to adjust the protective layer according to your requirements.
  • Fully Transparent: ISOLOX PLUS forms a transparent protective coating, leaving metal signatures visible.
  • Impact Resistant and Tough-Elastic: Your parts remain protected even under adverse conditions, as ISOLOX PLUS is impact resistant and tough-elastic.
  • Quick and Easy to Remove: ISOLOX PLUS can be effortlessly and residue-free removed, making your parts immediately ready for use.
  • Reusable: You can use ISOLOX PLUS multiple times, thus sustainably protecting your parts.
  • Tropical, Polar, and Seawater Safe: With ISOLOX PLUS, your parts are indefinitely protected against extreme environments.
  • Protection in Complicated Undercuts and Drill Holes: ISOLOX PLUS can be used even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Extra Odorless and Safe for Skin: ISOLOX PLUS is safe to use and does not affect your health or working comfort.



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